June 17th - 22nd, 2018
Rivercourse 2018, in its 17th year, is for boys and girls ages 13-15. This camp emphasizes Trout Unlimited's mission, the conservation of cold water fisheries, while at the same time teaching campers the basics of fly fishing, a sport for a lifetime.
Our Goals are threefold:

1. To have each camper leave with a lasting appreciation of the importance of environmental preservation & protection.

2. To have him or her become an active participant in efforts ensuring clean water and habitat for generations to come.

3. To learn about fly fishing and have a great time at camp.

"As the parent of a camper, I was so impressed with the structure and leadership that was provided by Rivercourse. I was so thankful for all of the volunteers giving of their time and experience to these impressionable young people. My son came away with many great memories and a wealth of knowledge on fly fishing and conservation. He has always been interested in pursuing an education and career in the science field and I think that this week’s experience will help to further refine his area of interest."  
- Jane, Charlotte, NC

"Rivercourse was everything that I hoped it would be for my son. He came home and immediately pulled out my vise to start tying and had us plan a camping trip so we could fish. I encouraged him to find something he could criticize to give you constructive feedback, but he couldn't. He hopes that few or no changes will be made to the camp curriculum and schedule so that other groups can have the same experience he had. It sounds like he had a very full week and learned quite a bit, so as a parent I am thrilled."
- Kris, Summerfield, NC

"Sam had an amazing time at this program. He was full of humorous stories to tell us. He said the staff was "great" the food was "great" the fishing was "awesome". He showed us his flies with great pride. He bought a vice and is tying flies at home and is after his father to take him fishing all the time." 
- Beth, Asheville, NC

"I was impressed with the organization...the cabins and camp facilities were beautiful... it was clear what a dedicated and committed group of volunteers you have for Rivercourse."
- Liz, Charlotte, NC

Tanner Harron, 2015 Rivercourse camper was the Grand Prize winner in TU's Teen Essay Contest, 
winning a Scott flyrod.

Read Tanner's essay here