Welcome To Rivercourse 2021

Thursday June 24 & Thursday July 15, 2021

About Rivercourse

Established in 2002, the Rivercourse Coldwater Conservation & Fly Fishing Youth Camp is sponsored by the North Carolina State Council of Trout Unlimited and emphasizes Trout Unlimited’s Mission – the conservation, restoration and preservation of coldwater fisheries and their watersheds – while teaching campers the basics of fly fishing, a sport for a lifetime.

Rivercourse is a high quality experience for boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 15 and takes place in the heart of the Appalachian mountains at the Lake Logan Event Center near Canton, N.C.  This pristine setting includes a section of the West Fork of the Pigeon River, which is privately owned and stocked with trout for the use of the camp.

While flyfishing is the camp’s primary activity focus, campers get to enjoy some other unique, often once-in-a-lifetime experience, like releasing a raptor (like a hawk) and catching it when it returns, a campfire, outside games, visits with conservation officials, fish sampling and many others.

During the Day Camp, sessions on a variety of topics are mixed into the day.  Geology, fish and insect sampling, scientific and natural encounters; all things related to the things in the natural world around us and cultivating a better understanding of them and how precious they are.

And throughout the camp there are plenty of sessions where we just have fun fishing together and getting to know each other and building enduring friendships, gaining a deeper appreciation of the majesty of nature while learning to love a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The camp is open to all young men and women ages 13-15.

Campers do not have to be North Carolina residents or Trout Unlimited members to attend.

Camp Highlights

  • Learn to Fly Fish
  • Water Safety & Stream Etiquette
  • Fly Tying
  • Fly Casting Essentials
  • Entomology & Flies
  • Mentored Fishing

Other Activities Include: Falconry Demonstration, Outdoor Casting Games, Conservation Projects, Geology, Fish & Insect Sampling …and much more!


Camper lodging will not be available as Rivercourse is opearting on a Day Camp format and is fully chaperoned at the beautiful Lake Logan Center near Canton.  To learn more about the center, please visit https://www.lakelogan.org.


Our Goals For Campers

To leave with a lasting appreciation of the importance of preserving and protecting our environment.

To become committed as an active participant in efforts to ensure clean water and habitat for generations to come.

To learn about fly fishing, get outside, make friends and have a great time at camp.



2021 Camp Dates and Tuition

Rivercourse 2021 will take place June 24  & July 15, 2021.  Prospective campers are encouraged to sign up early, because enrollment is limited to 20 young men and young women, so that we may give each camper personal attention.

Tuition for Rivercourse 2021 is $25, payable upon acceptance.  The tuition includes lunch, snacks, water, supplies, equipment and lessons for the camper for the Day Camp. Sponsorships may be available for qualified candidates. If you’re interested in attending and require tuition assistance, your local Trout Unlimited chapter may be able to help. Contact us for details.