Sign Up For Rivercourse 2021

Thursday June 24 & Thursday July 15, 2021

Sign Up for Rivercourse 2021

If you’re a young person between the ages of 13 and 15 and want to spend a great time outdoors, making new friends and learning something new this summer, consider joining us at Rivercourse 2021!

Just twenty  young men and young ladies are selected from among our many applicants each year.  Part of the application process is making sure we’re a good fit for each other and that everyone has the best possible camping experience; so we encourage you to apply early – in fact, why not do it right now?

The tuition cost for Rivercourse includes everything including equipment, lunch, snacks and water.  The only thing a camper needs to bring is his or her personal effects, clothing and a willingness to pitch in, learn and have a great time doing it.

If you’re unable to afford camp tuition but are interested in Rivercourse, some assistance may be available from your local chapter of Trout Unlimited in the form of full or partial sponsorships.

Rivercourse is a program of the North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited.  To get in touch with the TU chapter in your area, visit:


Rivercourse 2021:   June 24  & July 15, 2021

For Young Men and Women Ages 13-15
Only 20 will be selected.
Tuition:  $25 (due on selection)

Sign Up Today!

Deadline for Applications is June 1, 2021.

The counselors are very passionate about fly fishing, and are great at conveying that passion to the campers.  People came from many different places for the same thing: the memories made on and off of the streams.

Rivercourse was everything that I hoped it would be for my son. He came home and immediately pulled out my vise to start tying and had us plan a camping trip so we could fish. It sounds like he had a very full week and learned quite a bit, so as a parent I am thrilled.

As the parent of a camper, I was so impressed with the structure and leadership that was provided by Rivercourse. My son came away with many great memories and a wealth of knowledge on fly fishing and conservation.

I think that I can speak for everyone at camp by saying that I was truly impacted by the people and the experience at Rivercourse, and I understand why you can only go once. It is because I’d go every year for new memories as dear as the ones I obtained.